Building the foundations of your business.

Similar to real estate when you build a property, you have to do the planning, meaning have a business plan and also establish budgets. You also have to get a designer or architect who will lay out the blueprint. Once you have decided on what your business is going to be, you have to choose the location and the name of the business ready for GEO targeting. Securing your global positioning with a keyword domain name will drive traffic to your business using exact match searchable keywords and phrases.

Once you have decided what you plan to build be it an ecommerce store, search engine or directory, you have to chose the images and content (decorating).

Once your website is built you then have to go to the engine room and optimise you site with advertising and marketing just like building a physical business you need to let people know you are open for trading.

At ‘Marketing Cardiff’ with the help of ‘UK Website Designers’ (our sister site), we will build a dynamic website from scratch where you will see results in both functionality and aesthetic beauty.

Whether you want a simple landing page to an e-commerce store our expert coding engineers and graphic designers will create a digital business to meet your needs, whilst optimising your business and your internet presence.

Website Security.

We provide SSL Certificate for all our websites to show search engines, visitors, and antivirus software programs that your website is secure. A website without a padlock is susceptible to viruses and malware as well as hackers.

Designs and Layout.

Our priority is to get you business which entails having an all singing and all dancing website that not only is dynamic but shows the quality and has a stunning design that grabs the attention of potential clients.

‘Marketing Cardiff’ and our sister site ‘Cymru Marketing’, will go the extra mile to create a website for your business that not only delivers what you and your customer’s needs, but that also resonates with your customer’s expectations.

Whether your business is well established or just starting up, we can help to create the website of your dreams. It may well be you need to re-vamp your site and do some renovating. All sites need to be updated from time to time.

Our search engine engineers will give it the SEO upgrade that it will definitely need in order to compete with other businesses out there. 

At ‘Marketing Cardiff Cymru’, we go to the core of your website to give it the makeover it will need to not only rank but load quickly and look stunning.