Ready-Made Online Directories For Sale.

Partners/Investors Wanted.

The following Directories are For Sale, they include Domain Names and are being sold on the premise that you will have perceived equity from the advertising space you will offer your clients.

Obviously, the Domain Names are what make the directory valuable as they are exact match searchable keywords and phrases.

We understand that some of the prices may not fit in with your advertising and marketing budgets and you may need to get funding, hence we are also open to leasing the directories or partnering with you.

With no financial commitment or outlay from you, just your commitment and hard work to get these directories to the first page of Google writing regular content on a daily basis, and helping out in the back office (Maintenance & SEO), eventually we would see a turnover in which everything would be tracked with monthly financial reporting. (I have built the foundations of a business and want partners to see the business grow).

Our partnership would be a legal and binding agreement drawn up with contracts.


  1. (Four Domain Names & Two Directories -Bundle) (static site with sister site and additional domain names and Roath District in Cardiff, Wales, UK.
  6. (Four Domain Names and One Directory (which points to – directory and forum and
  7. – (Domain For Sale), (points to – not for sale!)
  10. (currently under construction, which points to
  11. (is under construction and is serving as advertising space for my client who is trying to sell his horse racing network business and I did some marketing posts:
  12. and dot com (directory/forum, purpose advertising for banks).

How to Start Online Directory.

Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners.

Have you thought of starting an online business directory but do not know where to start?

We have taken the confusion out of the equation and have got some ready-made directories with exact match searchable keywords and phrases domain name, which will secure global positing. You also have the option of building your own with our guidance by choosing a selection of hosting packages from IONOS whom we are partnered with on our sister site “UK Website Designers”.

Do check out IONOS special offers for Hosting Packages as well as Domain Nmaes.

Web builder link:

Step By Step Guide.

The guide has simple steps which are easy to follow. However, building a website usually the easy bit it is the Search Engine Optimisation that can be overwhelming and difficult to mast. With over 30 years of experience in the marketing industry, we are confident we can get you on the first page of search engines in a short space of time using our expert formula.

Starting a new business can be often daunting and downright confusing at times but with our guidance, you will be trading in no time at all.

There are many ways to build an online directory business, one being using a static site or a more preferred option to use WordPress as a more simplistic and easiest option.

Newcomers to WordPress may find it slightly overwhelming but with a little practice you will get used to all the plugins and there is a tonne of community help if you ever get stuck as well turning to us for advice.

Here we will walk you through the steps, one step at a time, to ensure you can launch your directory website with WordPress. This guide gives beginners and entrepreneurs a fast, foolproof way to launch a Directory site fairly quickly. You can get started without wasting your time exploring a thousand possibilities.

The first step is for you to decide on your niche and what you want to be involved in and the second is to see if an appropriate domain name is for sale. Obviously, if your domain is not available you can search for alternative combinations and domain extensions that may suit your brand, Failing that and depending on your budget you can assign us to try and acquire the domain name on your behalf.

We will also advise you on how to avoid all the costly mistakes that most people do while creating an online directory website. Remember you are not just developing a website, you are building a business from the ground up and with any business, you want to make a profit, so you will need lead generation and generate traffic, using our fine-tuned SEO strategies.

Step-by-step walk-through to start an Online Directory Site

The ultimate guide of 10 steps.

  1. Decide the Niche.
  2. Decide on a Domain Name.
  3. Decide How You will build your site and what platform you are going to use. (Will you want a Wordpess Site or Static Site).
  4. Register your site with a hosting provider.
  5. If you are using WordPress chose your directory theme
  6. Write regular content.
  7. Monetize your site with affiliate links.
  8. Set up your site to offer Advertisers advertising space. Get paid for advertisements
  9. Offer additional services to your advertisers, such as marketing and web design or landing pages.
  10. Advertise your directory with PPC advertising until it starts getting ranked

What is an Online Directory?

Imagine owning lots of land and having people build their business on your land or leasing your land for as long as they need. This is the same with virtual real estate where you have the biggest book of listed businesses or the biggest piece of land on your own planet in cyberspace.

Once you have the site on the first pages of search engines you could ask your advertisers to pay a monthly fee with different options of advertising.

If only 20 businesses decide to advertise, and you charge them each £100 per month, then you have a £2k per month residual income.

You can build a directory website for just about anything. For example, you could build a website that is a directory of:

  • Cardiff Dentists
  • Cardiff Estate Agents
  • Cardiff Landlords
  • Cardiff Fine Art
  • Cardiff Dog Breeders
  • Cardiff Opticians
  • Cardiff Casinos
  • Just replace the town/city/country to whatever location you wish to target.

How to monetise your online directory.

If you are good at marketing and website design, then one of the easiest ways to make money online is by developing and owning online directories. Online entrepreneurs have known this for decades. However, it turns out that even people with no technical knowledge at all can succeed with their own online directory.

The key to achieving success with an online directory is to have an element of knowledge on the niche you have chosen. With WordPress you need to be consistent with posting tops to drive your website and get it ranked by search engines, you need to become the leader in your niche. Once you you start earning from one directory you can go on to the next.

There are several ways to make money from online directories, but the most relevant revenue sources are:

  1. Paid listings – where companies pay you to have their listing featured at a higher position or with additional pieces (a website link, more pictures, etc…).
  2. Advertising (landing pages, banner ads, text advertising, video marketing, etc.) – where companies pay for an advertisement to be put on your website.
  3. Jobsite where businesses pay to list their jobs.
  4. Forum where people engage in discussion and you can charge a subscription fee.

Your Ultimate Goal

The desire is to build an Internet business by developing your own Online Directory.

And the ultimate goal for this guide is for you to make £1,000 per day from one single directory (meaning you don’t have to build a huge empire of online directories).

Getting Started

Choosing your niche, decide what industry and location you are going to target. Decide what type of directory website you want to build. You can build a yellow pages directory, job board directory, a forum or classified ads directory website.

Choose an industry that is in demand and you have some knowledge as you will have to write regular posts in order to get ranked.

Do some market research to see how popular certain niches are!

1. The Google Keyword Planner

Once you have decided on your niche you have to research your keywords to add to metatags etc. I will give you a list of things to do at the end of this post. I would recommend you take a look at the Google Keyword Planner. This service will tell you the number of people searching for specific (and related) keywords, however, you will need a Gmail account to get started.

Remember when you build a directory the biggest business directory is going to be Google Businesses so you have to make your site attractive and engaging and essentially build a better search site. Thanks to Google, looking for businesses is extremely easy, however not all businesses are lucky enough to be ranked or ever get seen on the first page of Google. But providing you use exact march searchable keywords and phrases in your domain name and also in your directory you will essentially be giving these businesses a piggy back once you yourself get rank to the first page. You would need to offer business in your niche another avenue where they can be seen for the search terms further adding another spoke in their SEO link wheel.

2. Securing a Domain Name & Hosting

Here is the link to the hosting provider we use.

Aswell as deciding on your niche you have to decide on your brand name, most directories are better searched for by location/industry domain names or exact match searchable keywords or phrases.

Once you have decided what you are going to call your directory you also have to decide if the domain name is available. I would start would TLDs such as .com or if you are in the UK. If your domain is not available consider adding another word or adding the word directory at the end (location-industry-directory).

3. Choose a Directory Theme

Choose a WordPress Directory Theme.

As in most of the directories I have built I use the “Hemmingway Theme” including the site we are on now, I find it simplistic and it works for my requirements, however, there are tonnes of other themes to chose from, so it is whatever you prefer at the end of the day.

Why WordPress is better than a static?

WordPress offers great flexibility, gets ranked faster than a static site and is widely used all over the world. In fact, there are now more than 75M WordPress websites. Also, customization is affordable and easier on WordPress compared to any other platform.

If you are a beginner by starting on a blank canvas and taking baby steps you will get used to WordPress in time. When I first started out I was overwhelmed but with the persistence of building my own sites I have mastered it and so can you.

If on the other hand, you are an advanced user you can handle the customization by yourself. But if you a non-technical person, you can outsource it to freelance developers – someone with experience with PHP, HTML, CSS, and a little bit of Javascript or simply contact us. We are happy to give you free advice but if you want us to tinker in the engine room and make changes to the back office there is a chargeable service.

Recommendations of Plugins to Add

(You do not need to add them all but here are some of the plugins I use and some are similar so there is no need to add more than one plugin for each purpose).

  1. Choose ‘WordPress Theme’
  2. Add plugin ‘Akismet- Anti Spam’
  3. Add plugin ‘All In One SEO’
  4. Add plugin ‘Cookie Notice’
  5. Add plugin ‘Cutomify’
  6. Add plugin ‘Debug Bar’
  7. Add plugin ‘Ecwid’ (eCommerce Store)
  8. Add plugin ‘Document Embedder’
  9. Add plugin ‘Emojis WP’
  10. Add plugin ‘Footer Putter’
  11. Add plugin Genesis Wigetized Footer’
  12. Add plugin ‘Google Analytics’ Monster Insights
  13. Add plugin ‘Gravity Forms
  14. Add plugin ‘G-Translate’
  15. Add plugin ‘Header Footer Code’
  16. Add plugin ‘Kali Forms’
  17. Add plugin ‘Native Emoji’
  18. Add plugin ‘PDF Embedder’
  19. Add plugin ‘Powered By WP’ (Webd Ltd)
  20. Add Plugin ‘Sassy Social Share’
  21. Add plugin ‘Side Menu’
  22. Add plugin ‘Syleguide’ Custom Fonts
  23. Add plugin ‘Subscribe to Double-Opt-In Comments’
  24. Add plugin ‘’
  25. Add plugin Ultimate Social Media Plus’
  26. Add plugin Visual composer’
  27. Add plugin ‘WP Forms Lite’ (WP Forms)
  28. Add plugin ‘Yoast SEO’
  29. Add plugin ‘Elementor Header Footer Blocks’
  30. Add plugin ‘Optin Monster-Subscribe’
  31. Add plugin ‘bbp private groups’ (Robin Wilson)
  32. Add plugin ‘Accept Stripe Payments’ (wptipsntricks)
  33. Add plugin ‘bbpress’ (bbpress contributors)
  34. Add plugin ‘business directory plugin’ (Team)
  35. Add plugin ‘Change Admin Footer In this Code’
  36. Add plugin ‘Enable jquery Migrate Helper’
  37. Add plugin ‘Feather Login’ (feather Plugins)
  38. Add plugin ‘GA Google Analytics’ (Jeff Starr)
  39. Add plugin ‘GDPR Cookie Consent’ (Web Toffee)
  40. Add plugin ‘IONOS Assistant’
  41. Add plugin ‘LH Table of Contents’ (Peter Shaw)
  42. Add plugin ‘Paid Memberships Pro’ (bbpress add on – Scott Sousa)
  43. Add plugin ‘Profile Builder’ (Cozmolabs)
  44. Add plugin ‘Remove Dashboard Access’ (Drew Jaynes)
  45. Add plugin ‘Remove Howdy’ (Nick Adams)
  46. Add plugin ‘Remove WP Branding’ (Work Shop)
  47. Add plugin ‘Restrict User Access’ (Joachim Jensen)
  48. Add plugin ‘Robo Gallery’ (Robo Soft)
  49. Add plugin ‘Simple Custom CSS and JS’ (Silky Press)
  50. Add plugin ‘RSS Reader’ (Aahash Chakra Varny)
  51. Add plugin ‘Title Remover’ (WP Gurus)
  52. Add plugin ‘Visual Footer Credit Remover’ (Upwerd) **Favourite
  53. Add plugin ‘Visual Portfolio, Posts & Images Gallery (NK)
  54. Add plugin ‘Job Manage’ (Go Fetch Jobs -Bruno Carreco)
  55. Add plugin ‘WP Simple Pay Lite’ (Sandhills Development)


  1. Create Gmail Email
  2. Add Google Analytics
  3. Add Site to Google Webmaster Console
  4. Add Site to Google Business Page
  5. Add Robot Txt
  6. Add Href Tags
  7. Add Metatags
  8. Add Sitemaps
  9. Add HTML Tag
  10. Upload to Search Engines
  11. Add Google Tag Manager
  12. Google Plus
  13. Google Brand Suite
  14. Add to Google Maps
  15. Canolization
  16. Schema
  17. Create Matching Facebook Page
  18. Check Mobile Version of Website
  19. Add Terms & Conditions
  20. Add Privacy Policy
  21. Add Pages (Contact Us Page)
  22. Change Home Page Title (HOME) to Name of Your Website
  23. Add a Blog
  24. Ping your site
  25. Add Social Media Buttons’
  26. List Your Business on Online Directories
  27. PPC Advertising
  28. Digital Marketing
  29. Social Media Marketing
  30. Outbound Marketing (Send Invitations for companies to view your site, subscribe and advertise)
  31. Add Backlinks
  32. Post and comment on other posts
  33. Hashtag your posts and comments
  34. Post on Social Media Groups
  35. Add your Business to classified Ads
  36. Subscribe to Forums and Discuss Your Business
  37. Consider Editorial Publication Advertising
  38. Branding Give-aways
  39. Offer a free e-book for an email (Build your mailing list)
  40. Networking (Build an audience)

If you wish to partner with us, buy our directories or simply discuss a new project please use the form below. (We endeavor to reply within 24 hours).

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